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February 8th, 2011

I Am So Tired Of -

Of not having a job. Okay, so I've been in WA for a lil over a month now. I've applied at a whole bunch of places. Honestly, I thought things would be better out here. The unemployment rate is about half of what it is in Las Vegas. I'm not seeing any improvement though, I've held the same job for 4 years, that should be pretty good as far as experience goes. Also, I've done a lot of different stuff, clerical stuff and retail. Oh wait, I called this one place this morning and they were like, oh we're a private listing. If you pay us 185 dollars we can get you a job. I was like no, no wait, you don't understand. I don't pay you. You pay me. lol. Retarded. If I went about things that way, I wouldn't get a first paycheck for a couple of months. I really want to be a nurse, but I need a job until the some 5 odd months before classes start out here. Help!!! Oh. Also, I really really REALLY miss having my own car. Makes me really angry to think that my car is in Las Vegas, being not driven while I'm gonna have to take the bus out here. Psch.

February 7th, 2011


I am super surprised I still remember my password on here. I recently just discovered there's a whole community out there that keeps growing and growing. I used to be an avid fic reader, rper and writer. Somehow, got lost in the real world, until I realized the online one is so much better. So what else can I say to the world? I love history, especially Greek and Roman. I love rp and fic, most especially the kinky kind. I haven't done it since my HP loving days though. I'm 25, female and from Minnesota. Then I moved to Las Vegas and most recently, within a month, have moved to Spokane, Washington. I think women are beautiful, sensual creatures, but I'm sort of guy crazy. *watched the Superbowl, just to watch those buff boys run around and crush each other* oh and I'm basically fascinated with anything unexplained, paranormal or otherwise. I don't know if I'm a believer per say, but I think there's a lot out there in the world that we don't understand yet. So, that's it. Hi Guys! *waves* 

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